Chinese factory worker is very quick


It is slightly sped up. Harder to see when they zoom in on just the hands as the video progresses, but the body movements in the beginning have that tell-tale unnatural movement that you always see in sped up videos.

“How do you get your employees to work so quickly?”
“Simple - if they aren’t fast enough, they go hungry!”


You’ll work better with a gun in your back, and a bowl of rice a day!

Also, I disagree, I don’t think it’s speeded up at all. I think you’re seeing the results of 10,000 hours of practice. Also also, are those big honkin inductors?

I wonder what is the rate of rejection on the quality assurance phase (if there is one).

Neat. What is it?

I have made things just like that. They are transformers for switching power supplies. They typically are run with 100 kHz square waves.

The bobbin has a bunch of pins that wires are soldered to. For now, they twist the wires on the pins to hold them in place. The narrow white tape creates a high-voltage barrier between the primary power line winding and the secondary winding that you might touch. The winding is bifilar, meaning that two wires are run in parallel to improve the current carrying capacity without adversely affecting the other parameters.

It takes a lot longer for me to make one of these, but I’ve only made a dozen at a time. I have paid people like her to make hundreds for me.


The testing that they do is a hi-pot test, which checks for breakdown in the insulation between primary and secondary portions. This is typically done at 2,000 volts for a few seconds.

This worker looks like she can produce a perfect transformer every time.

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Having worked in various forms of assembly this looks about right for someone who has made hundreds (or thousands) a day for more than a year.

Been there, done that - the joys of getting paid by the piece instead of by the hour. It can sometimes actually be a better way to pay the rent than asking people if they want fries with their order.

Then my employer discovered the wonders of cheap prisoner labor and started farming all of the piecework out.


Oh, yeah! Talk nerdy to me!


Transformers from the look of it…

Watching the video I found myself trying to work out how she breathes.
If it was me, I’d pretty much would have to hold my breath entirely to work that accurately at that speed. But surely she must have some other way. A slow deep breathing pattern maybe? Inhale; do one thing, exhale; do another thing… or maybe a fast, shallow butterfly breath to speed herself up?

…more than meets the eye!

I LOL’d a little

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