Chinese Propaganda Via Film Remake of a Bollywood Remake

wùshā (误杀, or “manslaughter”)

“The changed ending has ruined the whole film. In the Bollywood version, the body buried under the police station conveys a hidden message: one could only find justice and fairness after stepping on the corruption and darkness under their feet. When bad cops are in charge and the laws don’t work, one could still find ways to beat evil forces,” said a user on Douban (link in Chinese), an IMDb-esque Chinese film review site.

“However the ending of the Chinese film feels like it is telling the audience, do not resist when being raped and threatened, because if you accidentally kill the rapists, you would end up in jail.”

Censorship, propaganda and brainwashing all in a movie that has has been No 1 in China since it’s opening on Dec 13.


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