Chinese ships dump so much human waste into the ocean, you can see it from space

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just for one goddam day i would like to not have the feeling that it’s all bad and just getting worse. on this continent or any other, and the oceans in between. just for one day.


Oh shit, literally.


Why do sailors poop yellow rings? Am I the weird one!?!


Aren’t our satellites getting better resolution all the time, though? Perhaps these “You can see it from space” quotes need to start including something akin to an “adjusted for inflation” disclaimer. I’m pretty sure the CIA can see someone smoking a menthol in Central Park from space if they really need to, right?


In the long course of human history we have to keep relearning the same thing: don’t shit where you eat.


That’s a more primal way for Xi to mark his territory than just building islands.


If they are tracking the boats that are tied up together, those aren’t fishing boats.



The Chinese started late in destroying the planet, but they are doing their best to catch up with the older players.


The “Great Wall” of China, to the “Great Waste” of china…

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whenever CARB (California Air Resources Board) recommends some reason or another i should not be allowed ride my modern efficient, european 150cc offroad dirtbike cause/ Pollution!

… I wonder if anyone sees/cares how much is being emitted from these GIANT Chinese freighters idling off the CA coastline, dumping carbon, poo, and any other rubbish

Understandably, the cheap plastic consumer crap HAS to come in to keep Wal-Marts re-stocked —

Ah, fuck it, we are doomed, and whats not doomed is taxed to shreds

I wanna go curl up and have a nap.

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I wonder if one of these ships is named Rücksichtslos.

At this point I’m getting beyond ‘Xi is an evil fascist dictator thug’ to just ‘Fuck China!’.

Yeah, the Chinese people individually are just human beings like the rest of us, but the CCP and the Chinese State are beyond evil. They play a very long game and do not give a single shit (pun unintended) for anyone or anything other than their own interests. Everyone and everything on the planet (and all other countries) are there to be used by China in the furtherance of its own objectives.
Genocide? All fine, if it serves China’s interests.
Fucking the planet? All fine if it serves China’s interests.
Nothing will stop them, we are all living on time borrowed from their nationalist global ambitions.


Replace “China” with “USA” in that rant and it is just as true, except USA is a democracy* fucking the planet. That’s how great powers act. Much of China’s pollution is from Western companies outsourcing dirty production while we consume the the products.

China has had an exceptional economic growth for several decades and have gotten a bit of hubris as a result. It’s common when countries step up to be great powers, and unfortunately tends to end badly for all involved when their ambition collide with the more established powers. Right now it’s an escalating trade war, but it could easily turn hot.

  • Although dropping in that ranking as well.

I am still curious to hear from Google regarding the blurring of coastal waters. A decade or more ago, you could see details in aerial images of the coast, but suddenly thereafter Google blurred everything. I always wondered if it was a state influence that brought about the change, or if there was another explanation. It could be that the images weren’t accurately showing pollution but merely showing muddy waters of busy waterways, but I also suspect a coverup.

Remember, any negative stories about current villains, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, China, are probably bullshit. Not that the regimes are not terrible, it’s just that scepticism is a much better default position than all this hate-week fist waving.

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Come to think of it, don’t cruise ships do the same thing?


Everybody does it. Pretty much major city near a convenient body of water uses a CSO (combined Sewage Overflow) system to handle overload during heavy rains, which means the sewers overflow and run into the sea so they don’t flood out the waste processing plants. Combined sewer - Wikipedia

The good news is that they seem to be on the way out. The bad news, of course, is that someone thought this was a good idea in the first place, and I have not-so-fond memories of beach closures in the NYC area most summers because of stray medical and human waste washing up on the beaches after every shower of rain.