Chipsteaks are unique and delicious, with tremendous protein value

Look thee upon those vegetables and despair.

It will almost certainly not taste as good in a Heinz and Pepsi based “barbecue” sauce.

… or a challenge


Steakums is a pressed and formed abomination. What @d_r refers to is just very thinly sliced beef, otherwise referred to as “shaved steak” Or “shaved beef”. Literally just a cut of beef run through a deli slicer on a crazy balls thin setting. You can use it for cheese steaks, but it’s also good for things like slipping into pho or stir frying.

Steakums can make you a cheese steak, but they taste like wet dog. I once made the mistake of using it instead of ground beef in a pasta sauce.


These were a staple in our house growing up. Dad loved them.

My childhood tastes like Steak-um.


Yeah, this and canned corned beef hash take me right back.



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Chipsteaks got nuthin’ on Dibbler’s Meat Pies, if you want to be truly adventurous


Nope. Its noon somewhere in the world.

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Everything’s legal in Jersey…

I’ve heard it referred to as “chipped beef” - as in the mess-hall classic “creamed chipped beef on toast”, AKA S.O.S.* - but never as “chipsteaks”. Must be a regional (or perhaps generational?) thing.

*“Shit on a shingle”

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Chipped beef is something different.

It’s a pressed, formed and dried beef. Kinda like a meat Pringle. Comes in plastic sacks or jars and is basically only used for cream chipped beef. ETA: I guess if you think about it it’s basically Steakum Jerky.

You can use the shaved beef, but it doesn’t taste the same. Quality beef jerky, rehydrated is the better substitute. Made at home from a sack of meat Pringles, or acquired at a good diner, Shit on a Shingle (or on a biscuit) is actually pretty good. My college room mate got me a little hooked on it back in the day. It’s basically sausage gravy with a sketchier meat product.

Though I don’t miss it enough to track chipped beef down. I’ll just make biscuits and gravy.


To what are you responding here? Because the chipped beef you describe is exactly what I was talking about - the brand my dad used to buy to make SOS was Armour:

It’s just that, while I was searching for an image of Armour chipped beef, I discovered that Stouffer’s sells ready-made SOS (or at least S - I guess you’re supposed to provide your own shingle.) I also discovered that (contrary to my childhood memory) Armour doesn’t actually call their product “chipped”, though their customers do - so I thought I’d go with a picture that did contain the word “chipped”.

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That is correct for the Eastern US. It was a big thing in the 1970s.

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As @Ryuthrowsstuff points out, “chipped beef”=/=“chipsteaks”. The American “chipsteaks” are thinly sliced beef, not a form of meaty particle board:


The taste sensation that’s sweeping the nation: meat glue!

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