This YouTuber introduced me to an amazing steak

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It’s spelled “Picanha”.


Interesting how he sears after “baking” instead of before. I’d have to try both ways to see if there’s a specific advantage, but it’s definitely the best method I’ve discovered for steak.


Thank you. Fixed.

I’m no expert, but wouldn’t it be better to take the small steaks off first, because they required less cooking time according to mass?


The reverse sear, as it’s called, dries out the outer surfaces allowing you to get a darker, thinner crust when you do sear it at the end.


I tried one of these recently.

I had been given a big gift card for Snake River Farms for ExMess. Poking around their Picanha was one of their best value and best regarded options.

So I added an American Wagyu Black Grade Piranha to my order.

And it was a hell of a piece of meat, but way less impressive than most of the other cuts I ordered from them. I very carefully seared them on this little konro I picked up around that time, over Pok Pok charcoal and then made tacos.

I’ve since come to find out Gunga Foods, under their other channel Sous Vide everything, is pretty much solely responsible for popularizing that cut on American Internet. It’s a very popular cut in Brazil. And probably under sung elsewhere, but it’s just rump steak (ETA: or rump cap) in English. The round muscle at the edge of those cross cut sirloins you see. Or used to, I miss those and would probably take one over Picanha. Great tacos, but not all that different than sirloin I’ve had of similar grade.

But “rivals wagyu” seems to be Gunga’s SEO catch phrase. It seems like everything he’s promoting is either wagyu or “better than wagyu”, and he seems to have rather heavy promotional relationships with meat suppliers (including Snake River Farms).

I’d take it for damn sure at 10.99/lb though. Having trouble finding even flank and chuck at that price these days.

I have done so. It does work better. Less interior gradient, much better sear. At the cost of taking longer. Though it’s less finicky over all.

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Enjoy it while you can…

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Someone needs to make a meat up app.
They could call it “Tender”


I sous vide, I sous vide everything.
I’m happy with that.

This looks good, if a bit overcooked, in my opinion.

Me, I’m good with how I do it.
I can tabletop smoke it first, if I want.
I can add smoked, dried habaneros if I want.

I’m good with what I’ve got.

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cool… i have a local Brazilian market just over 100 miles away… but i’ll be driving right by it this weekend. I’ve been craving some cashew juice anyway so it’s a meat bonus!

I did a pan sear and oven roast method to cook the last few pieces from my cut last night. I had one decent size steak and 2 like 1/3rds. It cooked up perfectly. I did about 3min/side on high heat in the cast iron pan and then 6 minutes at 325 in the oven.

Sliced them up nicely and tossed it in with a salad. Gave the pups a bite each and they also approve.

Man I man… I need to look harder in my area.
I would love to share this over on my BB BBS Happy Mutants Food blog.
Cheers, and Thank you.

It turns out that my start-up era go-to market for Guarana soda is also the place to buy Picanha. A few blocks walk from the first home I ever owned.

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There’s already an app if you want some meat.

It’s called “Grindr”.


Isn’t that sausage specific?


"Just" The muscle that works the hardest has the most flavor… I don’t mind a bit more chewing for more rump taste!

My lack of enthusiasm is not because it’s a tough cut. It’s not. It’s because it’s comparatively not very flavorful, and fairly lean.

My stressing that it’s commonly a part of sirloin steaks was because many people will recognize it as the particularly tender half moon shaped muscle near the top of those. And realize they’ve had it.

Apparently it is a muscle that runs off the top of the sirloin, into the top round. That area being collectively the “rump”. The round, which does more work, is generally tougher leaner and less flavorful than the sirloin. And if the picanha is cut too large a section of it will be quite tough.

The guy from @jlw 's jerky post actually has a shit ton of detailed videos on picanha, as he’s also Brazilian.

It is good stuff. But the way the innernets talks about it you might expect something world changing. As far as stuff from the sirloin I think tri-tip makes a better steak (and innernets seems to be fighting about that).

Ultimately I let YouTube Brazilians over hype me and did not enjoy my steak tacos as much as I should have.

Nah, I’m pretty sure you can get rump roast there as well. And someone said something once about some kind of oysters?..

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