Just grill your steaks directly over or in hot flowing lava, why don't you


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What kind of backwards shitheel grills a steak?


The same shitheel who doesn’t want to wait six hours cooking dinner in the real barbecue?


Mmmm. Molteney.


Done that…


From the school of just because you can doesn’t mean its a good idea of cookery. You can imagine the grad students now going… we have lava… we are hungry… WOW LETS DO THAT!

I admire the intent I like a good steak but those were toast! As for the sausages they where basically bio-hazards you could draw with.

I be interested on how the steaks cooked directly on the rock from raw. I’d say twenty seconds to sear and then 5 minutes resting should do it.


“Taste the meat, not the heat.”


I would go for grilling under the lava duct. Grilling over a heat source always causes dripping fat to burn, lots of nasty smoke and a ruined steak. Side grill or overhead grill is the way to go.


That’s not a problem in Minecraft.


Personally I’m convinced by the sous vide method; NY strip at 130 for 1.5-2 hrs, sear for 45 seconds on each side over grill = best steak I’ve ever had.


I was all :hushed: when they dropped the steak over the lava at the end of the video, expected it to drown in molten rock or explode… but it did not…


That doesn’t sound too healthy


Shitheels that like a tasty steak?


I find sous-vide to be the best method if you eat your meat above medium-rare. It’s terrible for a quality rare steak even with thick cuts of meat. Those are still best suited for a simple sit in room temperature and pan fry or grill.

@logruszed: I’m more concerned with how they are crowding the meat on the grill than the grill itself. What kind of cook would put the meat on the grill touching?


I invite to you visit Texas where we age our steaks for up to 450 days and grill (sometimes broil) them at around 1000F. The rest of the country, with the possible exceptions of Kansas City and the state of Montana, has no idea how to do cow. Backwards shitheels we may be, but we do know steak.


I haven’t tried sous-viding (?) a rarer steak than 130, but that’s perfect for me and it’s considered at the lower end of medium rare.

According to Pat LaFrieda:


If it’s not flowing directly from the earth, can it technically be called lava?


See all that fire? That’s flavor burning away. Pan sear on cast iron or steel and finish in the oven, that’s how you cook a steak.


You can sear over a hot grill without the fire. Two minutes, flip, two minutes and it’s medium rare. That’s for a ny strip.

Your preferred method is not the only good method. It’s not even that great. Pan fry? Ugh. Talk about backwards. :wink:


Wood-coal barbeque is the only way to go.