Chef tries to turn a $1 cut of beef into Wagyu steak

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Respect; one of my hobbies is trying to successfully Pittsburgh cheap steaks. Results vary, but either way it makes a hell of an air freshener if yer into that sort of thing.

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Trypophobia trigger warning!


You had me at “injecting fat”.


I think they missed the opportunity to inject the extra fat into the Wagyu. Eat that one, then use the cheap piece as a napkin, or perhaps an apertif.


Some steps can be taken to improve the cheap “steak”, but i think what may have helped more would’ve been to sous vide the meat first, chill it, inject the fat and then sear it.

Edit: Or tenderize it with pineapple as they mentioned or with other common methods.


I love to see Guga Foods linked on BB! He really goes for it with these experiments and seems brutally honest when they do or don’t work out.


With enough fat and sugar and salt and anything will taste good.


Probably even religious icons that have been hanging over a hotplate in a French apartment for decades…


That is some serious meat porn. Fondling each cut and squeezing it around. Just lay a 70’s wocka-wocka soundtrack on it.


Wow. He discovered larding. Someone give him the Nobel prize.

The advertising covering the bottom of fullscreen youtube videos on boingboing is really fucking annoying.

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Or beat the living piss out of it with a hammer, drag it behind the car for ten miles, rinse the gravel off, pressure cook it in lard, sear it with a blowtorch and serve in low light with fava beans and a nice Chianti.

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"… goal is to sear them to make sure that none of the fat escapes from the one-dollar wagyu."

Even the injected fat wants nothing to do with the bogus wagyu!

One could chuck it into that rotating, chicken plucker thingy shown on BB the other day. Several minutes should do the trick.


Guga’s videos, both on Guga Foods and Sous Vide Everything, are always worth a look.

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I have to agree. The ads are getting out of control on BB… It takes a full minute for the home page to load - I just timed it.

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ugh. I like meat. But looking at all that oozing fat makes me go 50% more vegetarian.


Ye gods that thing looks scary.

I cook eye of round a lot. It’s actually one of my favorite cuts. This is not how you want to cook it.

Low and slow with an olive oil baste or sealed up in aluminum foil with butter and onion or smoke it like a brisket. Braised is really good; any liquid or stock will do nicely. Roast low and slow with root veggies.

The key is you have to add fat and you have to cook it slowly for a long time. Tenderizing it while it is covered in your fat and seasonings helps too, but that means you must cook it at least medium well.

Beef is tasty; it’s a lot like cooking vegetarian: you don’t try to make what you have into what you want, you cook what you have in ways that allows that cut of meat or vegetable to be what it is and shine out.

Food, like people, is best when it is allowed to be what it is instead of pretending to be something else.