Choir! Choir! Choir! take on Blur's 'Girls & Boys'

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I like their accent. Great performance, overall!
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That was fantastic! I hadn’t heard of Choir! Choir! Choir! before, but it’s a great idea. I wonder if the choir members can all read sheet music, or if they were taught all of the melody during the rehearsal without reading the music?


From the YouTube comments: @marydunn4182

Everyone just shows up! They have planned out the arrangements and ask you to stand in certain places in the room depending on whether you sing low, middle, or high (but almost anyone can sing any of the parts), and then you sing some for fun before jumping into the song. They plan the arrangement ahead of time and have figured out the parts. Everyone sings the entire song, and then they break it into parts. It’s really amazing how quickly it comes together–it’s never boring, and there’s so much energy the whole time!

More explanation on their website:

My favourite video is the one where they invited Rick Astley to join them for Never Gonna Give You Up.


They’ve done some great stuff over the years!


Yes! I plan to be at one of these.

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You hit all my favorite ones, including the two that make it really dusty in my eyes. :heart:

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The version of Overkill, for me, is especially great… I’d always liked the song, but I never really thought about what a great song it was, how well written, etc, until I heard that version…

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