Children's choir sings Crystal Castles


This sort of thing is why I’ve been so underimpressed with the Sing Out! TV show. Yeah, the groups they feature are impressive, but few of them have really pushed the envelope of a capella… and there are a lot of groups out there which are doing that on a regular basis, producing sounds you really wouldn’t expect to get without additional instruments and/or electronics.

This reminds me how dull my choir teachers were.

That was great!

I may have to bookmark this and use it as a kind of unicorn chaser…

THIS MADE MY DAY! I love Crystal Castles and that song is one of my faves. Radness. :slight_smile:

This was great! (and reminds me how awesome my own choir instructors were, sorry @knoxblox!)

The original is good, but that version is really haunting. Must have played it half a dozen times, back to back. :smiley:

That sounds suspiciously like the Vienna Boys Choir singing a lo-bat track.

Somewhat interesting choice, considering the lyrics to the song are a sampling from Death From Above 1979’s Dead Womb:

“La cocaina no es buena para su salud.
La cocaina is not good for you.”

I can do nothing but smile in delight :smile:

This is beautiful! I just went to listen to the original and I will be getting some of their music.

Man, I can remember back to my choir times and some attempts at things like this, small groups playing with sound. Some of us did beat boxing and we would mix those sounds with more traditional vocalizations, but this is just great.

I had a great teacher too. We would play with music often and it sparked a love for it in me I am always thankful for.

My favorite part was watching some of their faces. Not only were they having a good time, but they were there, “in” the song as choir can do when one opens up to it. Excellent. Somebody in London deserves a gold star.

A positive message for today’s youth–what more could you want?

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