A cappella bass singer goes deep, very deep




Forget the guy singing bass, how about the guy singing piano? Now that’s some pretty amazing a cappella!


That dude’s expression is the most metal thing I’ve ever seen.


Damn that’s deep. Reminds me of the Crash Test Dummies Christmas album, Jingle All The Way. (possibly nsfw images in the video)


That dude completely missed his calling fronting a Norwegian doom metal band.


Sounds like someone’s been at the sulphur hexafluoride.


As @Dioptase1 noted, not TECHNICALLY a capella, what with the piano accompaniment. Still, that’s a very impressive bass.
I once heard Barry Carl, the original bass in Rockapella sing nearly that low. He joked that growing up the only person he could sing along with on the radio was Tennessee Ernie Ford.


Meet the Lynchmunks!


Belching with Style!


That’s just wrong. I suspect a physical mutation from the leaching of chemicals into the body from all that polyester and perm fluid.


There’s a piano playing? Isn’t a Capella without any instruments?


Too bad he wasn’t part of this recording of 1812 Overture (also includes impressive bass vocals): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRpKmd3vjbk


Can’t you guys hear the pixels???

Jump to around 3 min into

to hear the original.


Needs more Russian:


Is that you, Satan?


Imagine this guy in a burping contest…the grandkids must love him.


Is the name of the group Three Guys and a Bullfrog?


That dude found the mythical “brown tone.”

I have to go change my pants.


Thank you! And yes, I heard the pixels.


you’re thinking black metal. finland is where all the good funeral doom is.