Message In A Bottle, isolated bass


In retrospect, it was probably foolish of me to assume that there would be more to this than the bass line for “Message in a Bottle”, isolated.


I know, it’s just me. But ever since I’ve been old enough to sing bass, its the first line I hear in any music. Singing 2nd bass with a choir these days, so I was loving this!

Was Sting playing a fretless bass on this track? Yeah, it sounds it… but damn it’s precise too.

This confirms my suspicion that he’s the third-best instrumentalist in The Police, at least when he’s also singing.


He’s balding…spiritually.

I kept thinking something interesting was going to happen. I feel like I’ve been fooled.

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‘Listen to it’ is the new ‘just look at it’.

It’s just not that interesting a bassline. This, on the other hand, is a work of wonder in a beautifully-crafted pop song. And there’s a very boingboingesque background to look at.


to my untrained ear it did not sound like the bass track isolated, but somebody playing along with the song…

Heh, heh…when I read the title, I thought: “But’s that’s one of the simplest basslines, in all of pop music…right?”

Right…but what is surprising about this, is how low-fi it sounds, with lots of string and finger noise, compared to the final mix.

This is probably a Live track from off a direct input monitor, meaning it was played sloppy during a loud performance, which didn’t matter much. Sting is a really good musician, and the album work is likely much cleaner and more precise.

Yes, it’s simple and repetitive, but it is punk, or at least ‘punk’, and he was singing at the same time.

And there’s no arguing with the end result: a catchy popular song.


The stock video for this song shows them in the studio, with Sting playing a fretless bass. So the choice of a still photo of him on stage with a fretted Fender bass is a bit misleading.

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This is a nice bass line:

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This one’s pretty good, too.

John Entwhistle’s Isolated Bass for Won’t Get Fooled Again

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My fav, Pino

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I don’t know the song, but that is a pretty instrument!

“Seven Nation Army” seems to have cribbed a little bit of that bass line…then again, it’s not exactly the most original descending melody.

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Sorry, but for me the best will always be Flea bringing the funk!