Experience "Rubber Soul" anew with this bass-and-drums-only version

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Listened to some stripped down Pink Floyd tracks off DSOTM and I have my doubts it is from the released studio album … I heard things that I swear aren’t in the songs.

Unless audio stripping software is just so damn good it can lift all these things out of a final mix.

Or are these new recordings by someone in their basement? I don’t like this brave new World we live in.


I can’t believe the bass in this sounds so quiet and weak.

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To be fair, the Abbey Road engineers didn’t figure out how to properly master the bass until Revolver.

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I’ve been a sort of amateur musician since high school (im 46 now) and I found I make the most interesting and creative music when I start with bass and a rhythm track. It’s funny because those are the instruments that casual listeners don’t think about much. Not as flashy as vocals and guitar solos. Maybe it’s just that thing where when you start with something simple it leaves more room for the imagination. (Of course bass and drums can be complex but generally it’s only one note at a time and not full chords and harmonies). It seems to happen more when you start with guitar chords to end up doing something that falls into common rock or country or folk cliches.

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