Vocals from B-side of Abbey Road


How on earth do they do this? Were the original tapes found? I studied signal processing back in the 20th Century, and I simply can’t imagine a process that could separate the human voice from the guitar… besides the human brain, but its outputs are really lossy.

I was wondering the same thing. The comments hypothesize that it was extracted from the Rock Band game tracks–those guys often get access to masters that no one else is allowed. It’d be amazing if someone made an actual process that could do that.

I notice that whatever these guys did isn’t quite perfect–you can faintly hear the music in the background of some bits.

A few months ago, BB had Entwhistle’s track isolated from… I think it was Baba O’Reilley. And you could hear the other instruments, probably through his bass pickup.

I think they’ve always had the original tapes. George Martin’s son remixed a lot of their material into a surprisingly beautiful album called, “Love.”

That’s probably coming from their headphones which the mic is picking up as they sing.

I’ve listened to this since it came out and never noticed the little finger snaps and such. I assume those are not artifacts.

I’ve always thought this was the most seamless and unified album side ever produced. Only the B side of American Beauty comes close.

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Reminds me how much even Brit pop vocalists affect American accents (as compared to “Polythene Pam”).

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