Listen to a new mix of The Beatles' "And Your Bird Can Sing"

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That was awesome. Even the Mathew Sweet

great song. in the outtake version, it was ‘look in my erection…’

Here’s a first-rate cover.

  1. Wow. I’m trying to put this song in that place.

“new mix of “And Your Bird Can Sing,” which doesn’t sound much different than the version I remember”
The whole album was recently remixed using new AI technology that can separate tracks that were previously impossible to separate. The fact that the author can’t tell is a tribute to the quality of the mixing being true to the original, but if you listened side by side you’d hear better fidelity and a more natural stereo spread to the instruments.

One guy reviews the new mixes. He breaks down which instruments were repositioned.

Some of the old mixes had things hard panned to the left and right, so headphone listening wasn’t great.

Revolver (which, along with 1965’s Rubber Soul are my favorite Beatles albums

Mine too…peak Beatles for me.

I’m honestly not sure how I feel about it!!! It feels so different, it’s fresh, like John stepped out of the sixties to record it last week.

It’s like… I can’t smell the cigarettes in the studio anymore. The feel of the studio is gone, missing. I’m definitely hearing things differently, the soundstage is completely different. I can’t “feel” anything but the instruments and vocals, it’s very strange to me as a person with synesthesia. The sound is SO familiar but the colors and textures are different. Not better or worse, just drastically different, like seeing a familiar painting like the Mona Lisa recreated stroke by stroke with a different brand of oil paints, and the background is missing, and it’s actually a hologram.

Everything is a little less “glued together” (common with digital mixing vs tape mixing), it’s like each track was split out into four more tracks, each one mastered independently, then recombined. This sounds like a modern 32 or 64 channel mix. The stereo mixdown is SO much more precise. Wild. Weird. Thanks!!!


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