"AI" is going to help The Beatles release one final song

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Why, do the last two millionaires need some more money?


Qotes in the wrong place, surely the title should have been…

AI is going to help “The Beatles” release one final song


the article says George Harrison didnt care for the song (that people are theorizing paul is releasing), but i do wonder if he recorded parts for it at the time the anthology came out and Free as a Bird was recorded. That would lend a bit more legitimacy to the project. Like if the main reason it was ditched was because the technology didn’t allow for the vocals to be sufficiently isolated to make a decent recording. Add to that, the idea that the song was written but not properly recorded while the Beatles were still together, I am curious to hear it… If all my assumptions are correct it would be more like a lost and completed Beatles track than just a modern Paul and Ringo experiment. I’m reminded a bit of how when they reissued the Beach Boys Smile, they found a recording of some 60s vocals in a rehearsal tape and with digital editing were able to finish the incomplete track (I believe it was the song I’m in Great Shape)


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