The Beatles' new music video features goofy "new" footage of John and George in the same room as Paul and Ringo

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This could have been nice but yeah the whole project has been gooofified. the song is at it’s heart a John Lennon it’s weird to be showing Paul singing it. And yeah he is on the new recording but I have a problem with that too. Other than a couple spots where he actually does harmonize, most of the song Paul is singling along in unison and it doesn’t sound good. It annoys me and makes me wish I could turn off Paul’s vocals. But back to the video, the new footage in studio is boring and clashes dramatically with the old footage. It looks like it’s at a higher frame rate too which isn’t helping at all. But in general if the old school Beatles recorded this song and made a video I’m sure the video would focus more on the meaning of the song and less on the process. Think like how the fool on the hill video/film was almost all just shots of Paul standing around emoting. Obviously we can’t go back in time and film new footage of John but I’d settle for some documentary style footage of his life in New York or something.

I feel like if you’re gonna complete an unfinished song, your job as producer should be kinda like any good producer’s job: to bring out what is hinted at in the song and amplify its emotions and message. Not just add layers on top and inserting yourself into it. I’m sure Paul meant well, and I respect him as an artist in his own right, but I don’t think he helped this song. At times it even feels like the rhythms of the instruments are clashing. It just feels slapped together and kinda janky. :frowning:


By now all the vaults have been emptied… there isn’t a frame of film that hasn’t been massaged and worked.

I’m guessing the Rolling Stones are due next for this treatment - maybe a few solo artists as well. Use the technology to show just how amazing these talents are… isolate the voice track and hear how someone can hit perfect notes… amaze us with their ability. make us appreciate it even more. I’m for that.

But also know when to draw the line. I swear in 50 years they’ll be digging up all the Beatles for their DNA so their clones can go on tour.

  • it’s also … sad? seeing the younger versions of these guys… I was that age once… and I’m also older than 2 of them ever got. This reminds me more of my own mortality than anything.

Love every single thing about it.

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The time travel part’s a bit tricky but otherwise …

Beatles Art passing into the memento mori phase

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I have to say I’m surprised that no one online seems to share my opinion. Like all the YouTubers and music critics talking about it seem to love it. I’m not a negative person in general. I’m not hard to please. I love the Beatles and Paul McCartney. But the production on this track just doesn’t sound good to me. I guess I should just let people enjoy stuff but I’m just surprised I seem to be alone in thinking this is not good. Ha.

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