How the upcoming last Beatles song, "Now and Then," was made

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Last Beatles song recorded was “I, Me, Mine” I think…

Kind of ironic judging by what they were all going through at the time


Before anyone starts to ask about how John would have felt having ai used this way

I don’t really give a shit about what he would have felt


“It brought to the fore, to the three of us…” that’s some classical Beatles.

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When I think about the passage of time, I often think about The Beatles and the Rolling Stones… all so well-documented in their youthful prime, seeing them today… old… but still rocking it. When Paul goes, my mom will be devastated.

When Nick & David from Floyd pass… that will devastate me as well.

William Shatner is another marker of time & life that will be crushing.

No one lives forever, so leave behind only good memories.


Indeed, the loss to the musical world alone will be devastating.


I feel like Now and Then is an absolutely remarkable Electric Light Orchestra song with John Lennon on vocals. Which isn’t a bad thing!


This is the best description I’ve encountered so far.

It’s right up there with “Adventure Time is this generation’s Yellow Submarine.

(And yes, I’m serious … both descriptions are dead-on perfect.)

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And that was just Paul, George and Ringo. John had already left the band by that point.

Honestly, I was a bit worried that this was going to be some monstrosity, but… the backstory makes for genuinely excellent use of AI :man_shrugging:
Everyone wrote and performed their parts, and they just needed advanced processing to rescue. That’s pretty damned cool.

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