Killer drumless mix of Hall & Oates' "Maneater"

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And there was me thinking I knew all the Whigs trivia there was to know. Thanks for enlightening me!

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Ok - some observations having listened to both versions:

  1. Wow - it IS amazing how much the drums really do hide the bass. Has the bass been further boosted in this version?
  2. The bassless version loses the bass completely around the 1.04 mark for about 50 seconds. I am sure I can hear the bass at this point in the original
  3. This bassless version also sounds about half a tone higher than the original (well, my album version). Was the single lifted half a tone? Has whoever mixed this bassless version done that?
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What I always thought especially notable about this great song is the sheer number of instruments introduced, one after another.


But not as many as this - nor as well introduced.


Really nice drumless version, wonder how they did it - sounds like they had the individual tracks available. I am working on an online tool ( that automates that process using machine learning (and also building karaoke versions, isolated vocals/instruments and various combinations). For many tracks it work quite nicely (“I’d rather go blind” by Etta James is cool for example) and is pretty useful for extracting samples, but for Maneater it still produces a lot of artifacts :slight_smile:

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Still an irritating song to hear. :frowning:

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Thanks for that earworm. And by thanks, I mean FYVM.

Stuff like this is why I fluv you so.



So how did The Supremes not sue them? Take away the drums and that IS “My World is Empty Without You”.

I quite like the drumless version.


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