Talking Heads play "Psycho Killer" in killer 1978 TV appearance

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Every time I hear this great song I can’t help thinking of this Dr. Dementia parody.


My 14-year-old just used that song for the projected face effect that he set up for Halloween this year:


My only complaint about this performance is that the instrumental outro is too short. Tina Weymouth just killing it on the bass.


The sound quality on my laptop was not good. I’ve seen this clip on the BBC on TV and IIRC t was fine (at least I don’t recall it being like this and by and large OGWT did not do bad sound quality!). So I’m not sure what happened here.

ETA I’ve checked a few other online versions and they are all the same. The vocals just sound muddy/fuzzy. Maybe there was a sound problem.

every time I listen to Talking Heads I am mesmerised by Tina’s bass line.

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Yep. Locks me in.

It blew me away as a teenager when I picked apart “Once in a Lifetime” and found that the bass line uses only two notes (F# and A), in the same beat pattern, all the way through. Verse, chorus, bridge, everything - exactly the same note / beat pattern, and it’s audaciously simple, and it fits perfectly. It’s like she threw away every unnecessary note and what’s left is perfect.


A A F# F#


e.g. 'Once In A Lifetime' Talking Heads Guitar & Bass Lesson - YouTube

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