8-minute biopic of Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club bassist, Tina Weymouth

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It’s tough for me to adjust to the fact that Tina Weymouth is 70, and looks like grandma. I mean, she’s still awesome but my mental Weymouth file is resisting updates.


As a teen, I sat on my grandma’s couch and watched their SNL debut performance as it was happening. Take Me to the River was the first song. As I was watching, I thought, “is that a girl on bass?”

So cool. I was a huge fan until their later, unfortunate pop albums in the mid 80s. Their mid-era funk was the best, and Remain in Light is up there with the best albums ever made.


my favorite trivia about tina weymouth has always been that she didn’t play bass before joining basically the greatest band ever.


I love the fact that after many, many years together in work and play, Chris Franz is still Tina’s biggest fan.


This is - sadly - not available on iPlayer at present, but if anyone finds it anywhere, WATCH IT!
Highly recommended.

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The gloss came off for me when I saw Tina and Chris playing a hole in the wall club (Tom Tom Club at the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco). The club was nowhere near capacity and both of them looked like they were in the throes of some serious drug addiction, not having any fun with the short set at all. Better than playing county fairs I suppose.

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