Medley of "100 Amazing Bass Lines")


Wild, Wild World of Animals - orig. end theme by Beatrice Witkin & Gerhard Trede

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I know “amazing” and “iconic” are subjective, and maybe I should be more familiar with the music of Jamiroquai, but I kept waiting for the Peter Gunn theme and My City was Gone by the Pretenders.


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So bass! Very tempo! Up!

Nice to see the Chilis totally overrepresented. Yay! But I was also surprised he left out Silly Love Songs - one of the most complex and well-known bass lines ever.


Primus - “My Name Is Mud”
Motley Crue - “Looks That Kill” and “Dr. Feelgood”

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very impressive!

I don’t want to detract from what he has accomplished, but surely one of the RHCP or Jamiroquai songs could’ve been nixed to make room for this most glaring omission:

@wmrtaylor2000 the inclusion of only one Primus song is odd, I agree. your pick is their most iconic, IMO.

Deceptively simple, definitely iconic…

A list that is primarily RHCP, and nothing pre-Mother’s Milk from my recollection???

Also, I prefer my bass to be more like a 4-stringed guitar and less a funk/blues/rhythm machine:

My favourite’s quite possibly Fishbone’s “Bonin’ in the Boneyard” which is conspicuous by its absence here.
A wild bassline at the best of times, possibly the best, fastest performance of it can be seen here:

Funky assed bass to be sure.


One Primus song, and it wasn’t this one? Maybe he just couldn’t play it…

Hell, number six is Stevie Wonder, not RHCP…

wasn’t the bass on the Stevie version a moog? If so, then I think the “RHCP” label would be more accurate.

And Under Pressure became Ice Ice Baby… really?


I would have assumed The Cure - Fascination Street would have been on the list. Otherwise, I enjoyed video.

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No Norman Watt-Roy either. :frowning:

I cannot imagine a “top 100” without a single entry from Entwhistle or from the Allman Brothers. This guy’s got some larnin’ to do. And I could swear I heard “Pressure” in there labelled as something else.

BTW, I think he should have put “In a Gadda da Vida” next to " Sunshine of My Life" , since they’re almost inversions of each other.

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similarly, “Superfreak” by Rick James was credited as MC Hammer “Can’t Touch This”

damned kids.

I heard one near the beginning. It was “True Men Don’t Kill Coyotes,” or maybe “Fight like a Brave.” I quit following them after Blood Sugar Sex Magic, so I didn’t even recognize half the others.

damned kids.