Christian schoolgirl manga debuts in Japanese newspaper


Better link:

Calling Rule 34 on this so we can just get that out of the way, mmm’kay?

Rule 34 applies only to the internet.
Just wait for the doushinji artists to get wind of this.

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So, how many comics before she starts crushing “witches” or murdering heretics?

…oh no? I mean, is THIS worth the “Oh boy” and “Christian nightmare” shtick? I know Japan has had Christian PMs before, but look out! It’s a comic in a Christian newspaper! Has William S. Clark gone too far!? The tone of the sources is weird.


She does look like a younger version of Agatha Heterodyne
Girl Genius, for the uninstructed

Given that Agatha is currently trying to improve the monks’ railway locomotives, the appositeness seems obvious.


I doubt they know about Girl Genius, as it’s not exactly high profile. But yeah, calling that there’s going to be porn doujins of this within literally days.

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Now I can believe art, but a whole comic ought to be at least a month out.

As an atheist who grew up as a Catholic in Austria, I haven’t yet managed to figure out what Austrian Christians (both Catholics and Lutherans) have in common with American Christians.

So I’m really wondering what Japanese Christians are like, and what their version of “Christian values” looks like.

It’s the “wacky Japan” style of reporting where everything that Japan does has to be reported as though it’s oh so crazy and wacky, even when it’s really not. It’s been Ashcraft’s schtick on Kotaku since always, at least when he’s not posting photos of teenage girls in cosplay.


Japan seems to have a fascination with Christianity, but a near-complete ignorance, too. I just ran across a fun example on TVTropes: Nuns are Mikos. Look at the abundance of biblical words just thrown together helter-skelter in a work like ahem Evangelion. It’s just cool exotic stuff.

I suppose we did the same thing with Hong Kong Fooey.

You mean just like the Western fascination with, but ignorance of far Eastern religions?

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