"God Hates Japan": the Douglas Coupland novel that may never appear in English


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Well there’s your problem right there - he put kami in the title instead of kami-sama. God is going to prevent this book from being translated in order to protect His holy people (the English speaking ones) from blasphemy.

EDIT: 316 yen? The poor book has been remaindered, proof of God’s Loving Wrath.

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I remember it took me forever to track down a copy of Postcards from the Dead. Couldn’t find that one anywhere.

Used to love Coupland, especially Microserfs. Still read everything off his I can, even quite liked the CBC adaptation of Jpod.

“…Japanglish, those weird contortions of English that the Japanese put on their shirts and products, mostly from the 1980’s into the mid 1990’s, but not anymore, really.”

Oh, did they stop? When?

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