Christmas Heroes - saving a four year old from drowning

After the very sad Santa story the other day, this story of heroic rescue popped up today - guy jumps into the (very dangerous) Thames river in London and rescues a drowning four year old:

2016: Every cloud has its silver linings.


Nice, triathlon training for the win. Is the Thames generally considered that dangerous of a river? I find that surprising, but I know nothing about it.


It’s pretty murky and the difference between high and low tide is about 7 metres and can run at around 4 and a half knots on a spring tide. So depending on the time of day and year, it could range from reasonably safe to “oooofuck no”


Sometimes when I’m out running, especially when my body doesn’t feel up to it, I start to think about if some shit went down, and help / resources (esp. for my toddler-age daughter) were 3-5 miles away, and it really mattered whether I could get there 5 or 10 minutes faster…


… and the sheer mass of water flowing back and forth with the tides. The eddies and currents are immensely dangerous with that flow, particularly (obviously) near and structures like bridges.

It’s a big river. At high or low tides, it’s pretty still bar the inflow from upstream… The rest of the time it’s like a a galaxy shifting.


Open water swimming is no joke. Kudos to this guy.


There’s a great sci-fi short story I read about this once. Guy and girlfriend are on a picnic somewhere, suddenly the guy morphs into a 10 year older (and beefier) version of himself. This is possible if you opt for time travel back in time, in this world. He’s lost 10 years of his life, she is freaked out. Then she stumbles at the edge of a nearby cliff and stronger-older guy is able to pull her back up.


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