Goth up your party with this inflatable coffin float

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Who let Richmond out of the server room?..




Too bad for the Count. It would have been handy for crossing the Danube.

(About that flowing water thing, rivers vs oceans…how is it possible for him to cross the ocean? It’s ALL flowing water.)

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Semi-serious question, is it cigarette burn resistant?

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It’s the tides that screw him up – he can cross running water at “the slack or the flood of the tide” as per Van Helsing, and it’s not clear what that would mean in the open ocean. Plus, remember Van Helsing is only saying that this is part of the vampire legend – he doesn’t know for real if vampires have any problem with water at all.

Where was this 25 years ago?

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Was he inert in his coffin the whole time, or was he running around the ship making trouble?

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It’s been ages since I read Stoker’s novel, but I think I remember Murnau’s Nosferatu kicking about the ship and killing off the crew on his way across?

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