Chromecast with Android TV

As was discussed in the BBS thread for a recent BB article about the Amazon Fire TV stick, I mentioned I was going to try out the Chromecast with Android TV device because it was practically free with a 6 month Netflix subscription. Well, it arrived today.

I’m not going to go into detail because it will only make me angry again. The summary is do not buy this unless horrible device activation and poor UI are a kink of yours. They’re not mine, so I did not enjoy the process. They did practically everything wrong.

If you have an Amazon account, stick with the Fire TV devices as they come pre-activated and only need wifi info entered to come alive. The Chromecast needed everything entered and–while it required a companion app to complete the process–did not allow you to use the account/wifi info already in the companion device to streamline the process. Nor did it even let you use a nicer keyboard then the horrible d-pad on the remote.


I think Google would like you to set up the device using the google home app. It involves the google tv displaying a QR code, which is then read by the app on your home. But I haven;t had to set up a google tv in a while.

I did use the home app. It never asked me to scan the QR code like the Chromecast (and the manual) said it would. It just disconnected from wifi and sat there for a few minutes searching for it wirelessly. Never even gave me the option of scanning a QR code.

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I’ve always had a Roku; and it’s always worked fine. Easy setup too.

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Thanks for reminding me of Roku. I’ve only had one experience with a Roku–at an Airbnb–and it seemed nice. I have no idea what model it was because it was behind the TV.

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