Chtulhu Yahtzee and Monopoly

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Cthulhu Monopoly is very fitting, one of the worst board games able to cause insanity.


You call the Deep Ones mindless zombies? They’re people and they have feelings, you racist!


Of all the grim eldritch mausolea and the vast, ancient catacombs where shadowy realms whisper of measureless horrors whose undimensioned depths freeze the human heart, you are assessed for street repairs.


The Dice cup is pretty sweet.

Gee, when I was growing up we had to have Family Madness Night the old fashioned way, by hiding Mom’s tranquilizers.

Hot tip for the unaware: putting That Thing You Like on a shitty game does not make it stop being a shitty game.

Most people figure this out sometime in their teens, but the perennial popularity of Fill-in-the-Blankopoly suggests that a depressing number of people never do get the picture.

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Verily, it sounded intriguing for a moment before I realized that this was inevitably going to be the same old crappy Monopoly with exactly the same old crappy cards. Gives an interesting new meaning to “You won second prize in a beauty contest”, though.

The key to winning is getting the three properties that are the Color Out Of Space.

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