Chutzpah: short film about Anthony Weiner


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I’m assuming that 'Rock out with your cock out" was taken?

I think the response to Weiner is sex negative and overblown. The only person whose business it is is his wife. If she is cool with it, there is no issue with the act itself. It sounds like all of the folks involved were consenting adults.

That said, Weiner is an idiot who shouldn’t be put in any political position more powerful than the PTA. He has shown such amazingly bad judgement it hurts. For better or for worse, dick shots will get you run out of a political position in US. If you literally just got caught and run out of office, why the hell would you turn around and do it again? How much of a moron are you? Even if the stupidity could be ignored, the blackmail danger can’t be. If you are not “out” about your doings and you lie when confronted until there is no ability to deny, it means that you are a blackmail target waiting to happen. It is like being gay while working for a spy agency. It is okay to be gay. It isn’t okay to be closeted about it, as that suddenly means that you are an easy person to blackmail.

Weiner is an idiot. There are a tens of millions of other democrats in the US. I am pretty sure that the Democrats can find someone with his same policy skill who isn’t a moron and a liability.


Can’t say I was impressed with this movie, which really sheds no new light on the man. And it made me feel a little creeped out too, like I’d been coerced into wandering around for awhile with a narcissistic douchebag.

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i disagree on two fronts.

first, its not really just about his wife, because he chose to make a very public and very unambigous committment to his constituents, and then turned around and broke that committment. if he had simply said “my private life is none of your business”, i’d agree with you, but he stated that what he had done was wrong, that he should not have done it, and that he would not do it again. and then he did it again.

secondly, wiener as a politician is fantastic. i think you are being wildly optimistic that there are lots of other democrats out there who can do the stuff he does, with the energy, and committment and vision (whether you agree with the vision or not). he’s a liability, and clearly a very weak man when it comes to some aspects of his life, be he is no moron and has in the past been one of the most passionate and inspiring guys in the NY democrats public figure list.

Maybe that’s his plan. If he sends everyone in NY pictures of his dick, they’re useless as blackmail material!


I think his record of little accomplishments as a congressman illustrates that he talks a good game, but doesn’t produce. And as you mentioned, he said he would do certain things, or more precisely, abstain from certain things, and then he didn’t. Having ideas or intentions, or paying lip service does nothing for constituents. Unfortunately, aside from the creepiness aspect of the twitter debacle, he demonstrated his true character that he will say anything, but that doesn’t mean he will do anything. And yes, that makes him a good politician, because a good politician will talk themselves silly to get votes. However, that doesn’t make him good leadership material.

Thought this might be more interesting. It’s just a slapdash of press moments. The weirdly silent group of supporters w/ Weiner banners was surreal and the most unique moment.

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