Two Old Dudes In the White House

@kupfernigk wanted to move this out of that topic because we are way off the original path.

Absolutely. Much like a Trump/Carson card would be a nightmare that we could never wake up from. The Republican Party would play up the “Hey! We have black friends too!” card but for all the wrong reasons. I’m not apposed to having “two old white dudes” back in office, it just needs to be the right two old white dudes. I guess my worry would be a superficial one, of the USA making history only to return to “the good old days”.

Bernie is definitely tuned into the equal rights movement, which is great. But we cannot ignore the fact that the Democratic Party as a whole has turned their backs slightly to the needs of minorities while they suck from the teat of big business. They have thrown out some big bones to say the least (giving gay people the right to marry, gay people and women in the military, etc), but the the simple fact that a POC still cannot walk down the street or drive a car without being harassed by LEO’s is despicable. Obviously it is not as simple just telling police to knock it the fuck off. But still.

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