Newly-elected GOP House majority whip spoke at hate group's neo-Nazi rally in 2002




And just yesterday people were all over the net denying this was even possible.


Whoa, a Republican politician openly catering to white supremacists? That’s not very subtle, even for the GOP.


Duh ? Republican intolerant bigot’s? Did you just beam down ? Have,
by any chance, you been reading the bigoted jokes and stories forwarded
to you in a constant stream for the last 6 years from Republican’s?
And now the outrageous Chauvinist crap targeting Warren and Clinton?
Republican’s ignorant small minded bigots? Where have you been?


No one should be surprised. This is the new(-ish) face of the GOP - a stew of Tea Partiers, racists, and Randian “Libertarians.”


Anybody think he’ll step down from the post? My bet is the gop will smear some cheap lipstick on that pig and move right on without another thought. No need for pretense anymore. After all they’ve bought this country fair and square and a lot of americans like it like this.Wish I wasn’t so burned out on my country but this is what it’s come to.


Not sure who you’re addressing, but yeah, it’s not a big surprise to find outright, flaming white supremacists are Republicans too.

The thing is, it’s nice every once in awhile to have such stark, undeniable confirmation.


The neat part is how he kind of forgot this ever happened for 12 years.


But, Byrd’s membership in the KKK was A OK? How long did Democrats keep him in office?


No, it wasn’t? Robert Byrd’s been dead for four years, so barring any paranormal phenomena, I doubt his shady KKK past will come back to haunt us.

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Unlike present day Repuglicans, Byrd has “repudiated” his association with the KKK.


They’re not even pretending any more.


European-American here, trying to figure out which rights I’m missing.


“White Civil Rights”?

“White Civil Rights”?!

Fuck Republicans.


Those aren’t exactly mutually exclusive categories, either. Racism is a core part of the Tea Party DNA and libertarians like Rand and Ron Paul are up to their eyeballs in white supremacists themselves, etc.


A few things are notable here. First of all, of course, Scalise knew who Duke was (so his excuses about not recognizing the nature of Duke’s organization ring hollow). But the language he uses is also telling. The only problem with Duke for Scalise is that he is unelectable - not that he’s a neo-Nazi. And Scalise even says for whatever reason that he embraces many of Duke’s views…


It strikes me that herp-derp racists lack the sociopathic streak required to compete in modern(or any period) politics. The cold methodical ones who speak at rallys like this and continue to ascend are different than normal people, there is obviously a streak that we don’t understand. This is not a cop whith no conscious racialist motivation but is the ~X% more fearful of black skin in a gun-drawn confrontation to skew statistics. This strikes me as someone who thinks he is infiltrating the organs of government to liberate the oppressed northern European-American protestant-lineage male. Probably well educated he is as disgusted by the working class racists as we are(for reasons of classism not because of the racism though). Like it appears David Duke is trying to do, I think this guy has learned better the lesson of the Beer Hall Putsch, the path to power is not through anarchy but rather by calmly exploiting the existing democratic system.


Nope, pretty sure he’s just a typical politician - a guy with no principles who’ll do anything for votes. Let’s not dramatize. Known white supremacists are unelectable. There’s a pretty big difference between David Duke and Il Duce. Scalise’s gonna’ be backpedaling like crazy now, and even then he might be screwed.


@WalterPlinge, I share your opinion about typical politicians, but do you really think this guy is not a racist with a capitol R as Duke and Hitler and just showing up to siphon every vote he can get his hands on?


He seems to be claiming that he can’t be racist because he’s Catholic. That’s a new one to me.