Ex-GOP staffer who racially assaulted black woman and wrote for white supremacist site VDare now writes for WSJ, Forbes

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The Republicans have become an explicitly racist and fascist Party.


Because he totally won’t be one of the ones up against the wall come ‘the revolution’.
Man the denial runs deep with some.


I think that’s well established; it seems here that someone needs to start needling the staid and nominally respectable media outlets that either don’t know or don’t care.

Call me a naive optimist; but I’m guessing that this guy isn’t the last option on earth with an interest in Google and some grounding in antitrust law; so running him is very much a choice.

(Edit: aside from the fact that these papers ought not to feel any duty to fairness-doctrine in a token GOP guy; this seems like a Gorsuch vs. Kavanaugh situation: can they really not find a ‘conservative’ interested in the free speech implications of hegemonic ‘platform’ companies with a law degree who isn’t a shitbag? Not one?

Unless things have really changed of late; publications at this tier shouldn’t exactly have difficulty convincing people of this level of prominence(and many with substantially more) to contribute purely for the prestige, plus whatever they throw freelancers. That’s the damning bit: if the issue were “should we have some GOP dude whine about how Twitter’s bot culls cyberpunked the first amendment?” there would be an argument for “no, not really”; but it’s just plain concerning that they either can’t or don’t care to find someone who isn’t a demonstrably awful person to do a job that there should be a variety of options for.)


That pretty much succinctly express the party platform. Yup, covers both the bases. Oh, and water is wet.


Maybe better in the long run, at least, than just keeping it implicit.


Unfortunately the result of the GOP embracing explicit racism hasn’t been “mass desertion of the Republican Party” so much as “emboldening racists to act on their hateful views with little fear of consequences.”

Things are rarely improved when the ruling party goes full bigot.


Not as uncommon as you think.

There are as many racist Jews as there are black anti-semites.


It’s why I said long run. A major clash of ideologies may continue to expand and grow progressively more violent and destructive, but if it’s inevitable, and I think there’s an argument to be made that it is, at least this gets us closer to the endgame faster. Which will either be obliteration, or something better, or possibly both.

This was my thought exactly. Fine Gentleman Epstein does realize that Ahkenazi Jews aren’t too popular with neo-nazis right?..


And, of course, the Democrats will I dunno “Abandon divisive identity politics and work for All Americans”, i.e. throw everyone who isn’t a rich white conservative christian dude under the bus and “triangulate” to the right.


Near as I and the pollsters can tell Jew-hatred by Black people is a lot more common and fashionable than anti-Black racism by Jews.

Citation, please.


Just when you thought you couldn’t find a Jewish pundit more and blind to the danger getting into bed with right-wing populists than Ben Shapiro, we have this guy. As deluded as he is, I doubt that little Ben would have hung about with the likes of Pat Buchanan and Richard Spencer and Tom Tancredo to advance his career.

Kapos like Epstein and Shapiro foolishly believe they’re such brilliant debaters that in the end they’ll finally convince their fascist allies that Jews (or at least “the good ones”) are white. Of course, it never works out that way.

The WSJ op-ed page has been a right-wing loony bin for decades, so the choice to publish someone with his CV and slimy associates is a typical one. Forbes.com, meanwhile, is as much a borderline content farm/vanity press these days as it is a business magazine:

Forbes.com - although a branch of the Forbes magazine, its website also contains articles by paid “contributors”—similar to a content farm (see below). However, in contrast to sites like Examiner.com, its authors are professionally vetted and, in most cases, may have credentials that allow the specific author to qualify under the self-published source criteria (established expert on the subject matter, whose work in the relevant field has previously been published by reliable third-party publications, but must never be used as third-party citations on statements relating to living persons).


In both cases, Epstein is basically riding established brands by exploiting holes that allow dodgy characters like him to slither in. It’s a kind of media privilege-escalation hack.


I am not sure where you are coming from on this, so I will say one thing.

This is exactly the kind of fight that fascists want people to be having - driving an internal wedge between groups that should generally be working together. I think it’s enough to acknowledge both exist and need working on, rather than having things devolve into a fight about whether blacks are more anti-semitic than Jews are racist. It sidesteps the fact that the Republican party has become a happy home for both anti-semitism and racism.


What’s in a name?

Not every Republican is racist and fascist. But every fascist and racists seems to be Republican.


Correct…divide and conquer, all the way. Don’t fall for it.




And who is it that owns the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Murdoch?