Ex-GOP staffer who racially assaulted black woman and wrote for white supremacist site VDare now writes for WSJ, Forbes

Still struggling to think of any examples in which a ruling party embracing full-on explicit racism led to a positive outcome, either in the short term or long term.

The Chinese Exclusion Act and Jim Crow and Southern Strategy were all explicitly racist platforms put in place by the two major parties but I can’t think of long-term benefits that came from such naked bigotry. I think history has shown things tend to go better when everyone treats racism as something to be ashamed of.


My point, which I think you may have missed, is that it often takes negative forces becoming more expressed and blatant, in order for folks to decide to work against them, which then often leads to an improvement in the overall situation.

Perhaps you disagree with this notion, and if so, I would ask, what examples can you provide of humanity proactively working to solve problems, prior to their reaching an extreme? My read of history and frankly, the forces of evolution itself, is that things do not often work this way.

Well for one example we’ve managed to make a lot of progress expanding rights for LGBT people over the last 40 years without needing a gay holocaust to set the movement into action.

Likewise, women’s rights have generally trended in the right direction for the last century even though the United States didn’t experience a single moment when sexism hit an “extreme.”

In both cases, progress happened because people collectively came to the realization that the status quo was bad enough.


That approach is known as “the worse the better”. It’s a position usually taken by those People’s Heroes™ who are privileged enough to be spared “the worse” leading up to the revolution and haven’t studied enough history to know that it rarely ends up with “the better”.


I think your examples make my point. How many gay people and women have been brutalized, murdered, raped, and otherwise abused because of their status over the years? I would think many in these groups would say that things had achieved “maximum bad.”

My original comment, if you will remember, is that the GOP being more open in how they communicate about their racist tendencies may lead to more good, int hat it allows us to shine more of a light on the fundamental problem. I was not calling for an annihilation of African Americans and other minorities, and saying “maybe this would be good.”

But I suppose mischaracterizing people’s views would be par for the course on bb… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, again, I was making a comment about conservatives being more open in communicating their racism, not actually committing holocaust-like acts. If you want to imply that I’m of a privileged class who is unaware of the travesties committed against the oppressed, despite having had whole limbs of my family tree chopped off by the Nazis not-so-long-ago, that’s fine. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yet when they feel emboldened to be more open, suddenly you get concentration camps out by the Mexican border. The worse can get a lot worse before it (supposedly) gets better as a result.

I wasn’t talking about you in particular. I was noting that it’s a typical mindset of those who are lower down on the enemies list of whichever ancien régime is being discussed. But really it’s a counterproductive and sometimes self-destructive mindset for anyone to have.


There are plenty of ways things could have gotten worse before they got better for American women circa 1919 or LGBT people circa 1973. Hell, plenty of cultures have denied those groups any legal rights whatsoever.

Luckily the US didn’t go with the “let’s let things get even worse to shine a light on how bad the situation is” route in those cases.


Talk to just about any Black leftist and they will be happy to provide you with copious examples of racist Democrats. Contemporary examples, not just historical.

White supremacy is bipartisan.


But people were open about what they felt about the relative position of, say, women in society. It was totally out in the open. Again, what I said was, it may end up being good that the pretense is down. It makes it more obvious who and what must, absolutely, be reacted to.

The interwebs, and its random anonymous denizens – really reading the worst into every person’s intentions. I guess it’s a thing!

The ozone hole and acid rains?


If those are stand-ins for “the state of the environment and its mankind-caused ills” I’m going to submit – we ain’t seen shit yet.

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Let’s start with the NOI which is virulently Jew-hating and always has been. Let’s continue with how well fucking lies like “The Secret Relationship” are selling among Black people. Let’s move on to the fact that at the national level Black politics has taken an increasingly strong line supporting the destruction of Israel and ethnic cleansing of Jews from the Middle East.

That’s just to start with.

Yeah, sorry. I thought you had “polls” and such to back your claim. You’re going to have to do better.

Sorry, I thought you had actually followed politics at the national level.
Sorry. You’ll have to do better.

I do. But I don’t just get my news from AIPAC.

Neither do I. But since we’re on that and since you understand that support for everything from BDS to the Palestinian Charter explicitly calls for the ethnic cleansing of all Jews from the Middle East explain how support for those policies by a huge fraction of Black political leadership “doesn’t count” as Jew-hatred. Take all the time you need.

And while you’re at it, explain away the hideous and disgusting history of anti-Jewish racism by the Nation of Islam.

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