Chvrches play Bauhaus's "Bela Lugosi's Dead"


Good cover. The Bauhaus was a good song to play late at night while working in the lab.

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I always preferred Bill Bailey’s usage of it in his Cockney Medley.

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Oh Dear God that’s lame!!


Sounds like it would be perfect in Twilight. I wanted to like Chvrches but I find it impossible to find any way to do so with their deracinated, derivative plodding. That really sucks any kind of energy or movement from the song. It’s kind of like a perky teen star unable to escape their manufactured persona but wishing to reach their dark side. Perhaps it’s some kind of ironic comment on the original.

Or maybe it was just a cover for cash.

That’s it.


Wow. A Bauhaus song that sounds like its getting played on ‘Glee’. Appropriately, they’ve drained it of all its life force, leaving behind a vapid, quivering husk. They truly are godless monsters with hideous, unspeakable appetites.


I liked it, and will probably get it.

Nouvelle Vague did a cover of this as well. I thought it was pretty good:

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Beat me to it!

Wow, I’ve heard a lot of Nouvelle Vague but somehow missed that. Outstanding!!! Thanks!

Fascinating. It’s like a Giger painting re-done by Thomas Kincade.


The bats have definitely left the bell tower with that one.

Bela Lugosi’s dead
Undead undead undead
Undead undead undead

I cam to snark, but

And I couldn’t possibly put it better.

The song is inexpressibly awful, and thus completely appropriate for a teen vampire movie.

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…And we have a thread winner!

I have to reply with my distaste. On a positive - > cos i dun wanna be a hatur!- Without this though we wouldn’t appreciate great music now would we?

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I’ve always liked the Dead Brothers version:

I’ll see your Bela Lugosi’s Dead electropop version and raise you a Ska version by Mad Bomber Society:’s+Dead

Full disclosure: They’re my buds.

Oh I wanted to hear that, but web of trust threw a fit.

I threw together a quick video for it:

While you’re listening to that, watch the video from This Boing-Boing Article.