CIA Director Gina Haspel heads to Turkey for Jamal Khashoggi investigation


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A riddle for the modern era: How many people do you have to waterboard to get answers you already know?


I expect she’s excited about learning some new interrogation techniques.


Might as well send an expert on torture.


Gina, you’re too late. You can’t have him to play with.


CIA Director Gina Haspel heads to Turkey for Jamal Khashoggi investigationCover Up



When you need someone to destroy video evidence of rendition and torture; always hire a professional.


She’s closing in on the real killers, like OJ Simpson!


It’s a little bizarre that they’re sending the director herself, though.
Doesn’t she have both subordinates capable of doing this…work…and you know, directing to do?


She likes to get her hands dirty. You might say that she’s going there a couple weeks too late for that, but you’d be wrong. I am sure that Trump’s Very Good Friends in Saudi Arabia will arrange for her to have some very nicely framed scapegoats for her to practice her trade on. (/s)

ETA: alternatively, she’s not going there to investigate the situation, she’s going there as Trump’s personal favour to the House of Saud, because she’s the best America has at covering up and destroying evidence of torture and murder. (not actually /s)


Gee, it’d be a real shame if something nefarious happened to her there and she never made it back…


Probably the reason she’s going and not a subordinate. Too high profile to outright murder…er…em…”fistfight”.


Most likely going to take notes and share ways they can build some synergy!


I hear you, but ‘common sense’ has “left the building,” years ago…


Maybe she is selling her used jet!


She knows about torture. Maybe she’s there to pick up tips.


The woman who oversaw rendition, torture and the cover-up of rendition & torture is going to investigate rendition and torture, and the cover-up of rendition and torture?

Yo Dawg, I heard you—naw fuck that, it’s not even funny.


So, shes going to get all the details from Turkish intelligence so the CIA can let the Saudis know exactly how they fucked up?


Why the CIA and not the FBI?

I get that CIA’s ambit is international, and FBI’s is domestic. But that division of jurisdiction is only applicable when surveilling US citizens. FBI is the prime investigative arm of the United States with the most experience and expertise. FBI has long been doing overseas investigations (principally when terrorism is involved). CIA, not so much.

Psychohistorical Analysis: I almost think Trump “took over,” and errantly made the assignment to send Haspel-- and no one dared to correct him. Think about it: Trump hates the FBI. Why should he give them (in his addled brain) a “good”-- that is, publicity-laden-- assignment? On the other hand, Haspel is one of “his guys” (one whom the Democrats are “against”, so he tribally clings to them more closely). So, he favors Haspel over Wray, and tries to slight FBI in the process. Albeit, again, what the hell is the head of either the CIA or FBI going to be doing in Turkey? That’s almost a political assignment, not an investigative one…


I just think it’s funny how. . .

Kill someone in a Saudi consulate in another country and business grinds to a halt, arms deals are threatened, relationships are questioned, the Secretary of the Treasury cancels a trip and the director of the CIA plans a trip. Not to mention the endless headlines. But gun down an American child on the streets of Chicago, and our government assumes he had it coming.