CIA generously agrees to stop using vaccine programs in spy operations




Sure, right.

Can we permanently install the CIA personnel who OKed the idea in the first place in iron lungs, just by way of appropriate consequences?


In other news, Al Queda generously agrees to stop using world trade center plane bombings.


Much though you may find it hard to hear, and for all the pain of the 9/11 WTC destruction, it pales almost into insignificance when compared with the suffering inflicted since to avenge it.


Also, the Federal government’s “Free Blanket!” program is now 99.9% smallpox-free.


Why wouldn’t they decide to stop this practice? Now that people no longer trust the good intentions behind these vaccination drives they’re not very useful for netting terrorists. Or curing disease.


Isn’t the lede in this story that the administration has admitted to yet another violation of the Geneva Conventions (say Article 1 or Article 9 or Article 12 or 13 or…)?

Does the Nobel Peace Prize include free passes for the first half a dozen war crimes?

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Being “The Good Guys” means never having to say you’re sorry. Of course, it helps to not actually be sorry, and we have plenty of experience there.


Oh come on! Did no one get the link to the X-files and how the CIA tracks us through vaccines to sample our DNA? No one? COME ON! I think it is hilarious, Mulder was totally right. Sort of, just no aliens.

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Coincidence? The fake-vaccination-obama-cia-bullshit certainly didn’t help.

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Resonding favourably to this historic first step by the CIA in what is going to be a long and drawn-out peace process, al-Qaida announced this morning that it was going to stop using suicide bombers under the age of 8.

I’m somehow underwhelmed.

And just imagine them deciding not to use that method before the publicity broke. It would have limited their freedom to protect us from “the bad guys”. (IE: anyone not in the intelligence community)

It’s almost kind of dangerous to imagine, but what would it be like to treat all terrorism as a general public health hazard…rather than an alibi for eternal warfare? (By all terrorism, I mean including that done by the superpowers as well. And things like torture.)

It’s hard to imagine anyone of good conscience being against such a program, but easy to imagine how much that would gum up business as usual…

CIA/DOD covert biological weapon and warfare actions using vaccines is nothing new. Certainly, I am not so naive and gullible to believe the White House’s recent “pledge” to never use vaccines as a covert spy op.

FACT: AIDS virus was cultured as a biological weapon in biochemical warfare in labs in NY and NJ.
Don’t take my word for it, do your own research as I have.
Start with the published “Strecker Memorandum”……
Or the book: Emerging Viruses AIDS & Ebola Nature, Accident or Intentional? Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH

Brief explanation of biochemical warfare with AIDS virus:
Hepatitis and Small Pox Vaccines were used as the “cover” and were deliberately laced (contaminated) with the AIDS virus and then administered select groups of undesirables targeting homosexuals and IV drug users in the US or blacks in African as guinea pigs, in the 1970s, with an experimental biological weapon intended to perpetuate genocide.

Six cities in the US (NY, SF, LA, St. Louis, Huston, Chicago) were selected by the USPHS (US Public Health Services) to administer the experimental hepatitis vaccine which was contaminated with AIDS virus. In Africa, the small pox vaccinations were contaminated with AIDS virus.

Health departments in these select US cities received special federal funding for promotion and outreach for the hepatitis vaccine in these two vulnerable communities. WHO provided the necessary outreach in Africa.

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