India is polio-free


Now if they could get people to stop dumping corpses in the river where everybody bathes, they might have a chance of taking out leprosy…

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Don’t get too excited, it’s becoming a problem again in Syria:

The problem is polio is insanely contagious, and all it takes is one carrier from these enclaves going on the Hajj to Mecca, and presto it shows up in other corners of the Muslim World.

If the Saudis could just withold Hajj visas from people in the affected regions, it would give them incentives to give this virus the coup de grace.


How long until it’s back in the US thanks to anti-vaxxers?


Notably, Pakistan and Afghanistan are still on the list, and both are places where the USofA has been at war for…how long now? What’s the ratio of cost between eradicating polio the world over and the wars we’ve waged in those two spots.

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There’s a bit of bad will towards immunisation that the states is involved in because of the CIA hijacking vaccination to look for Bin Laden. And not giving some of the follow-up shots because the mission was over.


Shit, I didn’t realise that polio was endemic anywhere. And this is where the bloody stupid CIA were running their bloody stupid fake vaccination programs? Fuck, and other such words.

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