Polio is an international emergency




Though the recent resurgence is not entirely their fault, thanks a fucking lot CIA.


Damn it. We are so close to stopping this through a stupidly simple oral vaccination that it drives me insane to hear about an increase in cases. DAMN IT!


Pollo? As in Los Pollos Hermanos?


I thought the same! What is wrong with chickens?

But no, what is wrong is the font. Damn you confusing font!


I came here to say the same thing. I am not convinced it is correct on the front page.


Increase font size and it becomes Polio...
Default zoom:



Yeah, the font being used with the new format looks horrible unless you zoom WAY in. It's a great font, but I think someone needs to get the webfont version.


This is now on page five of BoingB - been catching up -- but really - the only reason I clicked the comments was to read the pollo and the Breaking Boing jokes.


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