In Syria, immunizations are withheld as an act of war and polio is on the rise




No way that could possibly backfire. Those communicable diseases can totally tell which side you’re on.


This is pretty horrible, but I was drawn to comment for another reason.

"...Chris Christie's aids had prevented..."

I didn't realize aids had that kind of power. I'm not sure if I'm more frightened by aids than polio now.


I want to fix this, let's go help illiterate thugs from other countries who want to overthrow Assad. We can give them Depleted Uranium weapons to use. That way they can fight for their liberation AND salt the earth with birth defect causing radiation, which will eliminate the concern over polio. Isn't it great to be a morally superior country and to point fingers at others?


Ten words to superficially characterise the entire opposition as mindless and prone to violence. Next, you'll be telling me they're foreigners!


Say it aint so!

If I don't capitalise the important words nobody will know I'm the bearer of the only true facts on the ground, be they factually right or wrong.

And you're writing from where exactly?


al-Asshole's forces aren't blocking food or medical supplies to communities that support them.

This is the tip of the iceberg. Recently a Syrian police photographer escaped to Qatar with a trove of over 20k 50k photos of prisoners who died of torture and starvation. al-Asshole is a power-hungry fuck who needs to get the ol' Gaddafi treatment.


There isn't endemic polio in any countries neighboring Syria. Unless it was brought in from countries where it is endemic (possible if some of the combatants had carried it from Afghanistan or Pakistan; Nigeria seems more of a stretch), then the implication is that it's lurking in populations, still being carried, waiting for vaccinations to lapse. There was an outbreak among the Amish in the US a few years back, and I doubt they brought it home from the Hajj. I suspect that actual eradication might take many decades of uninterrupted vaccination, and war anywhere lasting more than a few months is likely to result in outbreaks.


There is no evidence that Assad ordered Polio vaccines to be deliberately withheld from rebel areas. This Assad as Htlter propaganda gets a little over the top sometimes. In the middle of a war against a ferocious enemy known to murder government employees (aka "Assad loyalists"), one would expect there would be some gaps in coverage merely from the vaccinators being afraid to enter certain areas, or the difficulty of identifying and reaching all homes in need of vaccines.

There is some evidence to suggest that it is the type of vaccine being used that may have led to the outbreak:

Unfortunately, what UNICEF reports and what gets republished in almost all mainstream media reports regarding the polio vaccine, fail to mention that this is the live oral polio vaccine, which actually sheds the virus, and that the vaccine is known to cause outbreaks of polio and paralysis. The fact that the oral polio vaccine contains “pathogenic vaccine-derived polioviruses” is very well documented in the scientific literature, but seldom, if ever, reported in the popular media. Children carrying around the live virus shed it, and it ends up in the sewage systems.

Are UNICEF Live Polio Vaccines Causing Polio Among Syrians? 1.7 Billion Polio Vaccines Purchased by UNICEF


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