CIA hating hippy liberals

In my lifetime the role of hating the establishment CIA, FBI has always fallen to the hippy liberals on the left. Yet here we are - the far right wing, and mainstream republicans via trump are hating on the CIA and FBI. I understand why trump hates them - they caught him with his pants down - but I can’t believe that GOP voters are going along with this?


Reagan- and Bush-era Republicans only loved the CIA and FBI back then as concepts of the power structures that allowed them to enforce dog-whistle white supremacy globally and domestically, respectively. They didn’t like or respect the explicit statutory purpose of either department. Likewise, the newfound ardor Democrats have displayed for those agencies is strictly due to the temporary team-sport alignment of purpose in bringing down Trump.

It’s like soccer fans cheering for a ref sending off the opposing team’s star player, even when the ref has been calling the game against them all along. And like that biased ref, you can expect either agency to fail to call a handball in the box when Democrats need it the most.


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