Cicada hairstyle








Came here to say: Jerusalem Beetle, also known as a Potato Bug. I love them, my wife, not so much. [Clarification: I love my wife, she does not love these bugs]


Jerusalem crickets are awesome! These things appear to be the shed exoskeletons of cicadas, though. There were a zillion of 'em laying around when we had the big overlapping cicada hatch. I collected a few so my son can have an interesting science fair example in a few years; now I sort of wish I’d picked up a lot of 'em.


Japanese geek media celeb Shoko Nakagawa enhances her hairdo with cicada shells.

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”


Drying her hair after a shower must be a real PITA.


I think you may be right:




If he is comfortable having bugs all over, he must be a software developer.


Yeah, those are cicada shells. I live in Japan and they are all over the place right now. I grew up in cicada-free England so the variety of surprising insects is very exciting. The damn things are SO LOUD though.


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