Circuit board dragons


So very, very pretty, WANT.


If you decide to make something like this at home, be sure to use the proper facemask. The circuit board dust can be really bad for you.

I’d go a bit further than that: A mask is good, because it will protect you while you work; but you’ll want to be sure that you aren’t working somewhere that will still retain the dust when you eventually have to take your mask off.

Good old FR-4 isn’t wildly nasty; but breathing fiberglass dust, or getting it in your eyes, just isn’t pleasant. If whatever you are cutting apart is pre-RoHS, substantial lead and halogenated flame retardants are probably in the mix as well. Dust control is your friend.

Am I the only one disappointed to see that the headline is misleading. To me ‘Circuit Board Dragons’ implies that the circuits are a functional part of the item but in fact this is just jewellery made from found objects. They are pretty and you can see that thought has gone into the choice of the parts of the board for various parts but I expected at least some tiny LEDs.

Same here. A bit disappointing, really.
Everything is better with blinkenlights.
Also, all I ever got so far made from old circuit boards were coasters.

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