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This looks really good. Is there anything like it for trig?


This is a Good Thing!

I hope that, at some time, this could become a thing in the USA.


We are not planning content for trigonometry, but the underlying approach we are taking could probably be applied for this.


Apart from Paula and Noel-Ann (the Citizen Maths to-camera tutors) having British accents, there’s nothing to stop Citizen Maths “becoming a thing” in the US, I guess!


How about some common money sense and critical thinking? Seems people have no “scam sense” nowadays, or as Hemmingway put it a lot of folks’ bull**** detectors are out of whack and needs a hand pump to assist.


All three of the current main sections of Citizen Maths - on uncertainty, proportion, and representation - there is a background focus on helping learners think critically and use maths to help them make good judgements. As an aside, where we were testing the design approach with some “learners in the right demographic” back in 2013, one of them said, unprompted, “this is helping me to think for myself”.
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