Citizenfour takes Oscar for Best Documentary



Well deserved.


In other times it’d win for best fiction as a YA dystopian sci-fi.



So what did everyone (who saw it), think of NPH’s ‘Snowden can’t be here for some treason’ joke?

(also, what about Sean Penn’s “Who gave this son of a bitch a green card?” one aimed at Iñárritu?)

The treason joke was lame, but I was more bummed out that he made a “balls” joke about Dana Perry after she opened up about her son’s suicide. The underwear shtick seemed pretty desperate as well. I hope Ellen Degeneres comes back next year.

Pleasing to see happen, I am excited to see it. There has been a real problem with attempting to communicate what Snowden has revealed and the meaning of it, and I was looking forward to a solid documentary or movie. I hope this satisfies those requirements and makes the topics more accessible to those far outside the realms of intelligence and surveillance tech… and maybe even some of the problems of government surveillance in general.

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It does that in aces!
Saw it yesterday; odd feeling ~ 20 minutes in as the real-life implications of paying for my admission to the screening of this film with a card transaction sank in… again!
But, at my age, etc.; fuck it.
To see the last nearly 2 years synopsized in <2 hours; teared me up a couple of times.


Only heard about it, but disappointed. Not a terrible pun, but seeing as half the US is quite literally baying for Snowden’s blood, not a cool thing to say.

And speaking as someone on the same side of the political fence as him, fuck Sean Penn (for so many reasons).

Starts airing on HBO tonight.

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