Trailer for Oliver Stone's "Snowden"


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"pulse-pounding thriller"
Why do they let this guy still make movies?



And you can probably see it sooner if someone leaks it on the internet.


I saw a test screening. Apparently there was a second whistleblower on the grassy knoll.


Yes, and he is buried out in the desert, I kept the shovel, as a souvenir.


Really? I thought he was swimming with the fishes.


I’ll probably watch this because Joseph Gordon Levitt fills me with glee, and so does Edward Snowden to some extent, but I have a sneaking feeling it’s mostly dodgy “how the intertubes work” exposition and Hollywood corn-cheese sprinkled with semi-bonkers politics and I haven’t even got onto Nicholas Cage is in it


So JGL is doing Snowden’s voice. Huh.


I am all for Oliver Stone telling this story, but JGL doing the Snowden voice is going to take some getting used to.


Wait…is this anything like popcorn topped with Parmesan? 'Cause that’s kinda tasty.

[Why, yes, I am in a goofy mood tonight; why do you ask?]


At least it has Nic Cage in it.


I’m pretty impressed with how close Joseph’s voice and presence is.

The moment I saw Nicholas Cage, though, I was like “Oh. My Gawd. Why.”


Nobody seems to care that this flick could change a few minds on the hero/traitor question…

Gets two thumbs up from me, Nick Cage notwithstanding (looks like a bit part anyway).

Cool birthday present. Ta, Ollie


That could actually be a genius casting decision. Put Cage on the bill to draw in an audience that would never go to see a “serious” movie about Snowden, then relegate him to a cameo and present your serious movie anyway.

OTOH, I’d be surprised if that’s what they’ve actually done.


That would be great. I’m hoping family members see it. I’d also like family to see Citizen Four, if I can figure out how to get it in front of them. When Ed Snowden goes “if I get arrested, I get arrested” (in the Hong Kong hotel IIRC, after they’ve decided to relocate and they’re getting ready), that’s gripping and it humanizes him, turns him into a real person. Just a man trying to do the right thing against incredible odds.

ETA: Back when the news of the leaks was breaking, a family member asked what I thought about what Snowden did. Why didn’t they ask what I thought about what the NSA did? I try to be extremely gentle with family on politics so I didn’t point this out.


No he sleeps with the fishes.


I thought Platoon was awesome. I had done two hits of acid, mind.


Why have I never thought of that?


Just what the Snowden situation needs – more disinformation.

I wish Oliver Stone would use his amazing film-making and story-telling abilities for epistemic good instead of epistemic evil.