Snowden director Oliver Stone on concerns about the NSA


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I’ll wait for it to come out on Netflix. Been burned one too many times by bad Oliver Stone films…


Wait… Oliver Stone could make something that I could want to watch? How silly of me; no. no he couldn’t.
He’s the main reason that I avoid movies with Josh Brolin in them. Not that he’s all that, but I could watch around him with out feeling like it’s self-betrayal.


I agree, I liked JFK and Platoon, but W was boring as hell.


I love Oliver Stone films, I have to admit that I have not watched Nixon nor W, but the rest are great IMO.

Yes, even Alexander (the extended edition).


you really should give “natural born killers” a chance. it has to be the most awful seriously made movie i’ve ever seen up to and including “plan 9 from outer space.” it is, in fact, so amazingly hideous i find it as funny as any ed wood film.


I think that is the only Oliver Stone movie i have ever liked.


Does the special edition come with a bonus tin foil hat?


No love for The Doors?

I keed, I keed.

(but Born on the 4th of July, Platoon and Wall Street are all good)


Midnight Express… Anyone?


Since you asked:


Well, there’s zero chance this will be heavy-handed as fuck, right?


I generally succumb to Oliver Stone’s films, enjoying the hell out of them, and then emerging from the experience feeling slightly guilty. Wait, I just enjoyed what?


Yeah, it’s a bit of guilt after watching one. Like going to a family reunion and having “fun” then afterward going, “Egads. We shall never speak of that again.”


Didn’t he do a TV version of Zinn’s People’s History? That sounded promising, but I’ve yet to go to the trouble of finding it.


Right? If only Stone had focused on a different love affair.


Not quite. His series was The Untold History of the United States with no connection to Zinn that I’m aware of. I’ve not seen it, but I’ve heard great things about it, even from those not normally keen on Stone.


Thanks! Just took a look, it has the highest number I’ve ever seen at imdb (8.9), for what that’s worth.


Please tell me I’m not being pranked, please tell me I’m not being pranked, please tell me I’m not being pranked …


If you mean Bush’s hand-holding, here’s another um, angle: