Snowden's Run

Based on this classic movie poster. Photoshopped by Rob Beschizza. Read coverage of NSA leaker Edward Snowden in Boing Boing’s archives. READ THE REST


Putin as Farrah Fawcett is a great touch.


FISA Warrants are a lie! Fourth Amendment protections are a lie! THERE IS NO EXTRADITION!

I love how Obama is pictured escorting Biden out of the “circuit,” which would be like if Chatroulette could teleport you to a random lover’s house.

Snowden: Note to self. Next time, secure country of asylum before breaking ties with, and revealing damaging secrets of, host country.

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You generally can’t apply for asylum until you have a desperate need for it.

So that’s what Hedwig looks like without her makeup.


“Which country is giving Snowden asylum?” “THERE IS NO ASYLUM!”

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Assange has never looked so fetching.

I just liked that so hard.

Ironically, the actual sanctuary at the end of the movie is DC.

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