Snowden should seek asylum in the one place safe from US prosecution: Wall Street

Spotted on @dangillmor’s feed, via Rick Falkvinge, photoshopper unknown. READ THE REST


He only makes 200K a year; he can’t afford the rent.


Read the headline and literally LOLed. There might have even been a snort or two.


One of the bigger Dutch newspapers had a funny cartoon on a similar theme last week…

Caption: Fokke and Sukke have a tip for Snowden.
Fokke: If you want to make sure that you never end up in front of an American judge, there’s only one place you can go…
Sukke: Guantanamo Bay.


I approve of this message.

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That really hits the mark and the Guantanamo Bay cartoon is great as well. In the US the Federal Government frequently prosecutes the things that serve its base and political interests.

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