City of Paris deploys "anti-refugee boulders" to prevent camping while waiting for space at a humanitarian center

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Ah Paris, la plus belle brutale ville du monde!


They do the same thing in San Diego, but the rocks are sharper.


Drumpf and the TGOP are studying this now! As well as other “Christian” states here in the US.



If a few people work together - they could make a nice windbreak.


Liberte. Egalite. Fraternite. Excepté pour les Immigre.

(I know that’s a word, but i can’t find it anywhere…)


They are just the right size for a catapult of some description. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

What puzzles me(and I’ve had a more or less fruitless time trying to find a more detailed explanation of) in the context of this story; the Calais ‘jungle’, and similar is how the numbers break down in terms of what is ‘supposed to be happening’; and how much of the (obviously dysfunctional) situation is due to theoretically obligatory standards not being met; how much is disputes over what the standards ought to be; and so on.

Obviously, given how much fun being homeless in Paris isn’t, the people in question aren’t here for the lulz; but are these “people who made it to Paris off-the-books by one means or another; and have had no evaluation of asylum claims”? Are people with processed and approved asylum claims here forming refugee camps because there exists vastly less infrastructure for dealing with refugees than there does theoretical right to refugee status? Are the people outside the assorted refugee-focused facilities the ones who did not get approved; but have either glacially slow or nonexistent deportation proceedings?

I’m really not trying to start a 'Eh, they’re just illegals, why aren’t they rounding ‘em up?’ here; but I’d like to be able to distinguish between “France agrees that X thousand people are legitimate refugees; can only actually be of assistance in 300 cases, is now playing a cruel and pointless cat-and-mouse game with people they’ve agreed can stay but don’t actually want staying anywhere” and “It’s much easier to get a denial than a deportation; so large numbers of people deemed ineligible for refugee status remain in the area; fall into a jurisdictional grey area”. Even if you are opposed to both; those are quite meaningfully different flavors of dysfunction.


I dabble in masonry; I was thinking that if this happened near me it’d be a convenient quarry.

La majestueuse égalité des lois, qui interdit au riche comme au pauvre de coucher sous les ponts, de mendier dans les rues et de voler du pain.


I bet the city could have erected an emergency temporary shelter with no more effort than it took to move all those boulders.


They will call them Freedom Boulders and insist they were the first and greatest.




“Snuggle stones.”

Almost it : immigré.

Remember we f*ckin’ love diacritics, so :

Liberté Égalité Fraternité


Well yea. Considering housing costs in Paris they had to realize quick those refugees aren’t going. Be able to afford the space for a tent.

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Once again, a biased media goes off half cocked and Corey blithely reposts the accusation without waiting for the whole story. Because who cares about justice, right? Accusations are more than sufficient to get people worked up…

The RATP (Parisian authority for Regional Transport) is currently building Tramway lines on the Boulevards Marechaux that replaced Paris’s last defensive walls & moat in the 1920s. The Boulevard Marechaux used to have bridges and tunnels that allowed the circumferential traffic to avoid slowing each other down but the Trams are too heavy/need to much room so most of them are being removed and the few that remain will need to be heavily reinforced.

The entire north of Paris has become very difficult to enter/exit due to the roadwork and the bridge in question is due to be destroyed in a few weeks, but for those with an axe to grind it’s an unholy plot to deny immigrants a dry spot to sleep and not because it’s a dangerous construction zone that the RATP needs to evacuate so that no-one gets injured/killed.

How do I do the accent thing on my keyboard again? i ended up copy pasting that one i had…I know it’s like, a key combo, but which one?

Or perhaps the citizenry might see the refugees not paying obscene amounts of rent and get ideas.

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