Civil rights groups call for a stop to Amazon's doorbell surveillance partnerships with cops

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One ringie dingie…two ringie dingie


If I were the kind that was to buy a ring, I’d be the kind that wants the police to have access to the files.

I live in a neighborhood where petty crime happens…I had a fence broken a few days ago because the assholes couldn’t understand I padlock it on the other side. I kinda wish I had a Ring camera. It would have helped catch these folks.

Seems like the only people that don’t like this arrangement are the ones that don’t have one of these cameras. Good for you, don’t put a camera on your property that the police can access. And opt-out of the sharing of the information if you do — something you still have the ability to do. But so long as it is on MY PROPERTY, I’ll have a camera if I want.

The problem with cameras on your property in most urban settings is that they almost inevitably film everyone else and their property and setting up a giant joint corporate and state surveillance network is exactly the sort of project that deserves public scrutiny.


I just audited a small town in my state that started a partnership between the ring and their cops.

I am skeptical and not on board with the idea but they were super happy. They are a rural environment that has recently had a larger population of troubled folks pushed their way from a bigger city and they have met had the police manpower to deal.

Of course, the definition of troubled is what concerns me.

Their success means three more cities in the state are signing up.

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If it is my property and my camera, I have every right to film where I want.

And I understand that if the gov’t were to set up a camera across the street from me, I’d be right to be upset…but a private person ALWAYS has the right to film what they want from their property in the open however they want.

I mean, I’m also the guy that has blackout curtains in most rooms…my home itself is private, filming IN MY HOME would be an invasion of my privacy, a private citizen filming the outside of my home would be annoying but legal to a large extent. There are reasons it might not be, but for the most part? Yeah…I’m fine with it.

But when the government gets access to that nominally private camera it shifts the balance back to the realm of public debate. You keep highlighting that this is what you do with and on your property, but the part that has most people upset is the direct involvement of state agents in that process.


I have every right to do what I want with the footage. If I want to opt out of giving it to the police, I can.

However, I’m probably not. And that’s the truth of it.

I have other cameras around my home…they record to local media. If asked, I would give this over in a heartbeat if it were of anything important.

If not, they can talk to my attorney who thinks much like you. He still uses a flip phone that can pull the battery and then puts his phone in a faraday bag because he is convinced the govt is watching him. Then again, he is a vegetarian that eats White Castle because he believes that it is fake meat trying to convince blacks people to become vegans slowly. He seems to think that conspiracy is fine and dandy. All in all, if I’m asked for the footage without a reason…they will speak to him.

Will continue because…money.


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