Claiming your $125 from Equifax is a "moral duty"

Yeah, the settlement was finalized just last month. They say checks will go out within 30 days of 7/15.


Nice, now I can forget about it forever

That’s a real nice credit rating ya got there. Be a shame if something bad happened to it.


Filled one out for my wife, too.

Also: Even my password manager (LastPass) has a built in free credit monitoring service. It’s very easy to meet that particular requirement.


And while you’re at it, you might as well add the hours you had to deal with this headache. Up to 10, they don’t require documentation. Over 10, you need forms and documents to prove your time. You get an additional $25 per hour you spent, and you know damned well you spent time researching this breach and what you needed to do. Add that shit, folks, soak the rich bastards.



Tragedy of the Commons wins again!™


I started filling out the form for the fire extinguishers, realized I didn’t have time in that moment to track them all down, and I closed my browser. A week later, I received a replacement fire extinguisher for the one I had entered into the unsubmitted form before I had abandoned the process. It came with a return postage to return the recalled one.

Now I need to do the rest, but I’m trying to figure out how to distinguish which one I reported from the four or five others I need to replace.

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Read the FAQ at the settlement site: the set-aside is fixed at $31million. Too many people apply means everyone gets a smaller check.


I dislike how the claims process always puts some burden on the victim.

In this case, Equifax knows who was exposed. They almost certainly have up-to-date contact information on those victims, since surveillance is their business model. They should (be compelled to) send checks to everyone affected with postage-paid return envelopes for those who want to opt out.

Satisfied with the settlement? Cash your check.

Want to opt out? Return the check in the provided envelope within 180 days and fill out this other form to make additional claims.



I agree in spirit that we all have an obligation to claim our share, but it doesn’t look like that will have any actual effect on Equifax. As I understand it, they have to fully fund the Consumer Restitution Fund regardless of the number of claims.

Item 15 in the FAQ explains what happens if there is settlement money left over. It ends with, “no money will be returned to Equifax.”

: Of course, I’m not a lawyer. Being wrong about this point wouldn’t be a surprise.

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One dollar and NINE CENTS!!


$125.00 US dollars, GET IN MY WALLET!


Equifax has to pay and provide services. Good.

As for me, this is unexpected money, so even a little bit is fine.


And thank YOU for mentioning that. Never occurred to me to check my kids. Fortunately, none of them were affected.


If you have ever looked at your credit report, you have monitored your credit. Just saying.


The credit monitoring was a total racket so I didn’t sign up for it - you get added to their data trap and spam rolls and those of every single company Equifax does business with (“affiliates” and “other financial companies”).

This should be the subject of another payout by Equifax.

2 Likes gives you your actual FICO score (not some phony-baloney reverse-engineered number) and offers credit monitoring for free.

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My favorite part about this thread is all the hand-waving over how we won’t even get a full dollar in recompense, as if that is the primary problem for USian “fools” in this moment.

As if centuries of exploitative debt slavery, data gathering for purposes of manipulation, political influence, actual human trafficking and violent slavery, and cultural/racial gatekeeping, all used as systems of control and oppression didn’t matter.

A credit rating is a yoke, my dudes.